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Beer lovers, Indiana breweries, and affiliated businesses, and local producers can join the Brewers of Indiana Guild in supporting Indiana’s nearly 150 craft breweries and the state’s brewing community.

For Craft Beer Lovers

There are many ways to support Indiana breweries:

For Indiana Breweries

If your brewery meets the criteria below, apply to join the Brewers of Indiana Guild here.

If your brewery is in planning, you may join here.

If you’re starting an Indiana brewery or are an out of state brewery that would like to show support for the Guild, see “For Businesses Other Than Indiana Breweries,” below.

Breweries may join the Brewers of Indiana Guild if:

  1. the brewery holds a valid and active “Small Brewer” permit issued by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission;
  2. the brewery qualifies as a “craft brewery” as defined by the Brewers Association;
  3. the brewery is actively brewing;
  4. all critical phases of the beer making process occur within the state of Indiana; and
  5. the brewery is actively engaged in the business of making and selling beer at its permit premise.

If the brewery has more than one location, each location that meets all of the above conditions and is actively brewing onsite qualifies as a Guild member with full privileges (one vote per brewery), and annual member dues will be based on aggregate barrelage amongst all locations.

For more information about becoming a member of the Brewers of Indiana Guild, attending Guild meetings, and more, contact us.

For Other Businesses

Non-brewing businesses related to the brewing industry are encouraged to become Business Affiliate Members of the Brewers of Indiana Guild, and local businesses that grow or produce products affiliated with brewing may join as Local Producer Partners.

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